Where is your pasta made?
Our pasta is made from scratch by real people in York, Pennsylvania.

What makes your pasta different than the other companies selling online?
Most online retailers sell dried pasta that has been treated with preservatives to stay shelf stable. Our pasta has never been dried and therefore it cooks in way less time (about 3 minutes). Our pasta has just two ingredients (flour and water). It has no egg (making it vegan friendly) and no other funny business. This is the good stuff, we promise.

Is your pasta dried? Frozen?
Nope! Our pasta is fresh, never dried or frozen, meaning it is soft to the touch and not brittle. We send it to you at room temperature, but you can freeze it on the best by date to use later if you wish. Refrigerate upon receipt.

What are the ingredients?
Our pasta contains just water and semolina durum wheat flour. For more information on semolina, click here.

When will I receive my pasta & sauce?
To maintain optimal quality and ensure timely delivery, products are shipped ONLY on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. This means if you order on Friday, your products are shipped out the following Monday. Refrigerate upon receipt.

What if I want my products to arrive on a specific day?
Contact us using the contact form and we'll make every effort to help you out.

Why don't you ship every day of the week?
Delivering the freshest pasta is our priority. We don't want our noodles sitting in a warehouse waiting to get to you. We want you to get them right away!

How long is your pasta fresh for/how do I store it?
Refrigerate your pasta upon arrival. Each bag is stamped with a “enjoy or freeze by” date. If you decide to freeze your noodles, just drop them straight from the freezer into boiling water when you’re ready. (Don’t defrost first)

What's the best way to cook your pasta?
First, salt a pot of water “like the sea.” Bring to a boil. Drop the noodles in. For longer shapes that are swirled in clusters, be sure to toss with tongs occasionally to make sure all pieces are separated. Stir occasionally, testing a noodle around the 3 minute mark. Noodles should be “al dente,” meaning firm but tender to the bite. Cook for an additional minute or two for your liking. Most noodles don’t need more than 4 minutes.

What are the nutritional facts?